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Abuse and neglect of any animal is not tolerated in Ontario. If you think an animal is in distress or is being abused, call




We are reaching out to the public in hopes to find something that will HELP US, HELP TOPANGA and here is why...


Topanga was surrendered to The Comfie Cat Shelter June 2023. His owners advised us that Topanga began began showing violent behaviour right after the human baby was born and was growing increasingly violet. They had advised us that whenever the wife was carrying the newborn and it cried, Topanga would attack her. Other family members were also attacked when this trigger occurred.


At the shelter we have seen situations where cats have been surrendered due to a new baby, so we weren't sure what to expect. Sadly the same situation replicated here. We have had several occurrences of volunteers being attacked by Topanga when carrying something, usually another cat. We were forced to isolated him in hopes of him settling down.


Unfortunately things with Topanga remain the same, and we are at a a loss on how to proceed. He is too much of a risk to put in an adoptive home, and too beautiful to put him in a barn as a barn cat.


We are reaching out to the public for ideas about how to proceed with this poor guy. As long as a trigger isn't activated, he is such a sweet little boy, and we would love to come up with a solution for him.

Did You Know...

During the month we go through a lot of dry food, wet food and litter. We even go for the most economical and safe litter option available. Just how much you might ask? Well we have decided to share with you all how much we purchase monthly to maintain healthy and happy cats here at The Comfie Cat Shelter. It is worth noting that this is regular adult food, this does not factor in special dietary needs for certain cats, nor does it factor in kitten needs, or vet care, this is strictly what we put out monthly to support the welfare of our adult felines.

Chick starter.png


approx 30 bags (25kg)/month x $23.00 per bag

$700 per month


Wet Cat Food

approx 50 cans/day x 30 days = 1500 cans @ $1.00 per can

$1500 per month


Dry Cat Food

approx 10 bags/month x $25 per bag

$250 per month

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