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Only until October 15 2023 all adoptions have been discounted to:

Individual Kitten $175

Two Kittens $340

Adult Cat $150

Senior Cat $100

Underdog Cat $75

All adoptions include Spay/Neuter,

Rabies & 1st FVRCP Booster, Microchip


Did You Know...

During the month we go through a lot of dry food, wet food and litter. We even go for the most economical and safe litter option available. Just how much you might ask? Well we have decided to share with you all how much we purchase monthly to maintain healthy and happy cats here at The Comfie Cat Shelter. It is worth noting that this is regular adult food, this does not factor in special dietary needs for certain cats, nor does it factor in kitten needs, or vet care, this is strictly what we put out monthly to support the welfare of our adult felines.

Chick starter.png


approx 30 bags (25kg)/month x $23.00 per bag

$700 per month


Wet Cat Food

approx 50 cans/day x 30 days = 1500 cans @ $1.00 per can

$1500 per month


Dry Cat Food

approx 10 bags/month x $25 per bag

$250 per month

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