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December 2, 2023


Creative Nomad Studios

23 Mississaga Street West, Orillia

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We are kicking off a campaign


Formerly 'Noir and Omar', these blind Egyptian boys came to CCS back

in 2021 and while they endured a rough beginning in Eqypt, they settled

and have been spectacular at our shelter. However, even though they have

nine lives, none should be spent in a shelter. Overlooked time and again

because of their empty eye sockets and disability, this dynamic duo had s

ome angels find them and dove right in to help. Enter their anonymous angels...

"We initially learned of Stevie and Ray from The Comfie Cat Shelter Facebook page When we read their story and saw their pictures we were heartbroken. Their poor eyes looked so sore and uncomfortable. It seemed so unfair that these these two sweet boys had to put up with daily medication and uncomfortable eye cleaning.

We approached The Comfie Cat manager Matt Wimpory about getting an opinion from a board certified veterinary surgeon to see if anything could be done to help improve Stevie and Ray’s situation. After a consultation and examination with the veterinary specialist, it was decided that surgery could be done to close the eye sockets. This surgery would not only make the boys much more comfortable and eliminate their daily eye care but it would also give them a better chance of finding their “fur-ever” home.

The surgery was a huge success: Stevie and Ray look much more handsome and are obviously much more comfortable. We visited the two boys several times while they were recovering and it was astounding to see how they could manoeuvre in their environment. It’s so remarkable that you really can’t tell that they are blind. We are both so happy for these two special cats and are really hoping they find the “purrrfect” home they so deserve."

Now with a fresh new lease on life, we decided to give them fresh new names to begin a new chapter, introducing STEVIE & RAY!

These boys have made such an impact on the volunteers they interact with every day, so it is only fair you hear what they have to say about these beautiful felines....

"These stunningly beautiful boys rely on each other. Like any disabled being, all other senses have been heightened, they have acute hearing and extremely responsive to touch and are cuddly, almost like they have sonar abilities life a whale. They are fearless, jump, play, climb. These two have been through so much in such short time and they have been doing it all together, so they need to stay, together. They have zero fear of heights, remain curious and are super sweet natured."

- Pat

"Stevie looks forward to his morning adventures to the kitchen to see who is on kitchen duty and how many treats (and attention) he can scare. He has begging down to an art with a top here and a tap there to the person's leg who is on kitchen duty. His meows are insistent as he looks upwards at the person in the kitchen. It works on everyone and treats are always scored for this sweet boy. Ray is a little less adventurous than his brother. He has been known to hop on a cartload of supplies head down the hall for storage though. He also likes to sit on top of shelves or empty cages. He may not be cuddly, but he does love being around people, is quite inquisitive and intelligent.

Stevie & Ray CANNOT have catnip!!! It causes them to become aggressive. They require a home with adults only. Their new home must be set up to accommodate their needs due to being blind.

Although they are special needs, they are incredibly smart and full of love. The adopter(s) must have a huge understanding of cats and cat behaviour. This person(s) must be kind and nurturing."

STEVIE & RAY are bonded brothers that have a special adoption fee of $340. They are neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped and are in excellent health. They were born April 2021 and have been at our shelter since December 2 2021. Fill out your adoption application today to give these boys the life they so deserve!

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Did You Know...

During the month we go through a lot of dry food, wet food and litter. We even go for the most economical and safe litter option available. Just how much you might ask? Well we have decided to share with you all how much we purchase monthly to maintain healthy and happy cats here at The Comfie Cat Shelter. It is worth noting that this is regular adult food, this does not factor in special dietary needs for certain cats, nor does it factor in kitten needs, or vet care, this is strictly what we put out monthly to support the welfare of our adult felines.

Chick starter.png


approx 30 bags (25kg)/month x $23.00 per bag

$700 per month


Wet Cat Food

approx 50 cans/day x 30 days = 1500 cans @ $1.00 per can

$1500 per month


Dry Cat Food

approx 10 bags/month x $25 per bag

$250 per month

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