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Available Cats + Kittens

For more information about our adoption process, or to fill out our adoption application, click the adoption application button below.

We take great pride in keeping an up-to-date list of all available kittens and cats in our care. If they are listed below, they are available. If they are noted "Pending Adoption" that means they are currently on a trial adoption and 'may' be back at the shelter should the trial not work out. Often times the cats we have in our care come in as strays, therefore we do not have as much information on them as we'd prefer, but we do our best at listing every possible detail we do have on them.

We have implemented a new adoption program called Underdogs where their fees are drastically reduced. To learn more about the program, visit the Signature Adoption Program page by clicking here.

CCS Young Adults (1 - 5 Years) - Adoption Fee $200

CCS Underdogs - Adoption Fee $75

Cats in our Underdog Program have varying behavioural challenges from hiding, shyness, timidness, to 'spirited' (meaning they want nothing to with being pet and are content with no contact). Check out our Signature Programs page for more details.

CCS Seniors (8+ Years) - Adoption Fee $125

Cats in our Seniors Program have lots of vitality left and are best suited to quieter homes. We our special S-2-2 program, to anyone 65+ to adopt a senior cat (8 years+) FREE with a good home. Check out our Signature Programs page for more details.

CCS Kittens (8wks - 11 months) - Adoption Fee $250