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Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed and making gut-wrenching decisions every day. As a volunteer-run, no-kill cat shelter, this means finding creative ways to care for and provide shelter and medical assistance for our cats and kittens. It also means finding ways to expand our capacity so that we can save additional felines.

We do not receive Government funding, therefore we cannot do this without your support. Your generosity and compassion, allows The Comfie Cat Shelter to continue to provide urgently needed care for the many cats that find their way here, whether from injury, neglect, or abuse.

The Comfie Cat Shelter holds a charity status and can provide tax receipts to any donation $20.00+ 

There are Several Ways To Support Our Cats

You make a difference!

There are several ways your help will support
our mission and our cats.


Your donations help us to continue our work of saving cats and kittens. You can etransfer funds direct to

or by the link below.


We are always in need of volunteers in all areas of our shelter.

Recurring Donor

Recurring donations make what we do possible by sustaining our organization and enable us to focus on creating change.


Your temporary haven or forever home can help provide a second chance to cats in need.

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