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Barn Buddies Adoption Program
What is a 'Working Cat' and Why Adopt One?

At times, we receive strays into our care that are not suited to be the cuddly, social creatures in a home environment. The cat may be feral/semi-feral, fearful of people, or may have behaviours that our volunteers have determined are not suited for a traditional home environment, therefore they need an alternative solution. 

We fully believe that every animal should have options and a chance at a healthy and happy life and that is why we have created the Barn Buddy Program. The cats in our BB program will make an excellent addition to any barn, warehouse or outbuilding and provide many benefits such as keeping stray cats away and rodent control. By adopting a Barn Buddy, the best benefit is that you are saving a cat in need and offering it a home.

All cats in our Barn Buddy program come spayed/neutered, and vaccinated, which typically is a regular adoption fee of $200, however, as we are a non-profit charity, we only ask that you make a contribution of $50 per buddy.



Thank you for considering giving a Barn Buddy a home.

We thank you for your interest in our Barn Buddy program and invite you to fill out the below application. Once we receive the completed application, we will be in contact with you.

NOTE: Along with submitting the below application, we ask that you send pictures to of the location that the cat(s) will be housed in, the barns/warehouses they will be working in, the heat source and any additional photos you feel relevant.

Adoption Application
Personal Details
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