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You Make A Difference!

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Shelter Wishlist

On any given day, 50+ cats are living at the shelter while they wait for their forever homes. By purchasing items from our wishlist, you will help them enjoy their lives here at the shelter.​

As you can imagine with that many kitties, we require essential supplies such as cleaning tools, food and other essentials to keep our shelter clean, safe and healthy, and food in the bellies of the many mouths we feed every single day. Specific items have been suggested for us to use to keep everything streamlined and in accordance to our health and safety mandate at the shelter, therefore it is important to have the brands suggested on the list. By ordering from our Amazon Wishlist, you know exactly what we need and how your donation is being used.

Not Available to Include on our Amazon Wishlist but very much needed on a regular basis is our Chick Starter Litter

Available at Peavy Mart is the (non-medicated) Rolling Acres Chick Start that we use for all of our cats and fosters. Peavy Mart also offers gifts to those who are unable to deliver the25kg bags.

Top Reasons We Use Chick Starter as our Litter:

  •  It is safe if our cats/kittens happen to ingest it

  •  It it environmentally responsible

  •  It's super absorbency makes it an excellent choice for multi-cats

  •  Economically, it is the best choice for our shelter

Did You Know...

During the month we go through a lot of dry food, wet food and litter. We even go for the most economical and safe litter option available. Just how much you might ask? Well we have decided to share with you all how much we purchase monthly to maintain healthy and happy cats here at The Comfie Cat Shelter. It is worth noting that this is regular adult food, this does not factor in special dietary needs for certain cats, nor does it factor in kitten needs, or vet care, this is strictly what we put out monthly to support the welfare of our adult felines.

Chick starter.png
Chick starter.png


approx 30 bags (25kg)/month x $23.00 per bag

$700 per month


Wet Cat Food

approx 50 cans/day x 30 days = 1500 cans @ $1.00 per can

$1500 per month


Dry Cat Food

approx 10 bags/month x $25 per bag

$250 per month

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