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Signature Adoption Programs

Senior-2-Senior Adoption Program

We have offered our Senior-2-Senior program successfully for many years. We know that senior people often face loneliness and boredom throughout their daily life. With the opportunity to care for and bond with a cat, can make a huge positive impact on one's life. Having a pet can both lower blood pressure and cholesterol, not to mention giving one a purpose and companionship. For some, it gives a chance to move around and be more active as they tend to daily duties of life with a cat (cleaning the litter box, playing, feeding and brushing).


Seniors with limited mobility can still participate in playtime with their senior cat by using an interactive toy, and if litter box cleaning is too difficult, set up a schedule with a family member or friend who can take on that duty.

Choosing a senior cat is great for seniors as senior cats have less training demands, require less exercise, have lower energy levels, have easy-going personalities and for the most part, are pretty low maintenance.

Our S-2-2 program, offers anyone 65+ to adopt a senior cat (8 years+) FREE with a good home. Fill out your adoption application today to bring home your new best friend.

Senior-2-Senior Adoption Program
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Underdog Adoption Program

Often a cat will come to our shelter as a stray or mistreated animal. We pride love, food and shelter and stability for each cat that enters our shelter. Some cats experience behavioural challenges which make it very difficult to get them adopted. A lot of times, the shelter environment only hinders the barriers further, but our volunteers recognize each cat's challenge and works within the cats limits to establish trust, patience and nurturing.


Cats in our Underdog Program have varying behavioural challenges from hiding, shyness, timidness, to 'spirited' (meaning they want nothing to with being pet and are content with no contact). 

It is our hope that with establishing this program, we can shine a light on certain cats to give them a better chance at finding their own forever home. Each cat within this program would benefit in a home with someone willing to provide time, energy, love and patience to continue to assist their new pet to flourish in a loving and trusted environment. We have had successful adoptions with very 'spirited' cats that turned out to be total sweethearts once they are in a new environment.

Should you need it, we will provide resources to assist you with your new adoption to establish a harmonious match.

Our Underdog program offers adoption fees at a drastically reduce cost ($75), in order to get these cats into homes rather than stuck living their lives in the shelter. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, initial booster vaccination, microchip and flea and deworm treatment. Each cat that is within this program is noted within their description along with the behaviour they are exhibiting. 

Check out our available Underdogs today by click on the available page.

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