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Happy New Beginnings

It is our mission at The Comfie Cat Shelter to provide homes for our kitties, whether it's with us or out in the wider world in their forever homes. It is definitely bittersweet to say goodbye, but we love to see the happy tails of those who have left us to go to their new homes.

We encourage all new adopters to send in a photo or two of their new loving companion. You can email or message us through social media.

Red Finds The PURRfect Home!

In October of 2022, I lost my little pal "Ornge" to a liver tumour.

Ornge, was a little stray that had followed my other kitty through her door in my airplane hangar.

His story was extraordinary, but this is the story of Red, so we'll save Ornge's story for another place and time. (and yes, the spelling "Ornge" is correct, as he was an airport kitty, and he was named such, since he was in fact "orange" and the regular medevac aircraft arriving and departing were from "Ornge"). Ornge would often run alongside my airplane as I was taxiing in from the runway...

Over the years, I have known many people who lost a beloved pet, and very often spent months or years without having a pet again. While I understand the feelings of loss and mourning our little friends, I feel more strongly that there are so many that need good homes, that extended mourning feels incorrect to me.

I set out to find another little pal, and specifically another orange guy, as Ornge had wiggled his way deep into my heart.

An internet search took me to the Comfie Cat Shelter, and there was Red. Looking forlorn, and really needing someone to give him a home. 

I needed him and he needed me.

While I waited for Red to be brought back to health, so that he would be ready to come home with me, I offered to foster another little orange guy (Buster) from a local shelter, and he has found a permanent home here as well. 

Buster and Red are best buddies.

Yet a third little orange stray has now wandered into my girlfriend's yard, hungry and homeless, and he has now found a home with her.

Between the two of us, we now have Orville, Red'nBuster :-)

The Comfie Cat Shelter, is a fine organization, with good people.

The full charitable status of it, did not happen without a lot of hard work and dedication.

Please don't wait if you lost a kitty, or if you are thinking of having another.

There are so many in need of good homes.

- Dave 

From Foster to Shelter to Forever Home

When Ruben was first surrendered to The Comfie Cat Shelter, he was very malnourished, missing fur and we truly didn't know if he would make it. Our shelter president took Ruben home and after weeks of TLC and proper nutrition, Ruben began to flourish. The only drawback with this magnificent boy was that he wasn't keen on other cats.


Now adopted, his new parents just can't get enough of him. Here is what they have shared.


"He has been such a joy to have around! Ruben loves to sit on our laps or chest, and he loves lounging on all the chairs/couches and window sills. Ruben will pop out of nowhere when he hears us in the kitchen - he sure does love to eat! He is a purr machine and mobile bakery, and we just can’t get enough of his affection! He truly is a special cat and we love him so much. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!"
- Adam + Vicky

From shelter to a fabulous home
through our Senior-to-Senior program

In the fall of 2020, I adopted Finnegan. His name was Winston which I kept for his middle name in remberance of his previous life. Upon his arrival home, Finnegan was instantly at ease, rolling on his back wanting to receive belly rubs. Within hours, he had me perfectly trained. Finnegan loves playing with his many toys, looking out windows, mealtimes, taking leisurely cat naps, and welcoming visitors. He is an affectionate, attentive, talkative, and an incredibly clever cat. We both qualified for the senior to senior adoption program. All shelters should have this innovative program as an incentive to adopt older cats. Although the adoption fees were waived, a donation was still made as I know how hard staff and volunteers work to raise funds for charitable and not-for-profit organizations. Thank you to the Cozy Cat Shelter for all your work and for matching me with Finnegan. 

- Elene F.

Five wonderful tails of happiness all under one roof!

We are so excited to share with you all, such a wonderful update on five CCS alumni.

"Originally we had wanted to adopt a dog, but at the time we had a baby living with us and all the applications we filled out were denied (due to having a small child in the home). We were quite upset about it and I then decided I would try to adopt a cat. Having worked with Barb of The Comfie Cat Shelter, I looked at their website and saw an older and disabled cat and immediately fell in love with him. His name at the time was 'Peanut' and he had been diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia (a neurological disorder that occurs when a cat's brain does not develop properly in the womb, the condition is largely responsible for modulating motor impulses). We named Weeble Wobble after the toys from the 80s. Weeble sounds like an elephant when he walks and comes if I yell “weebie come see mommy” he’s turned out to be a great big brother to all our babies!

We then adopted Condor which was the name he had at the shelter, followed by Tree Trucks and Dew Drop and our most recent addition Pantherlily."

-Kirsten S.


Trunks and Dew Drop - An Incredible Bond

Tree Trunks (originally named Pixie) and Dew Drop (originally named Rochelle) were adopted this year (early 2022). 'Trunks' showed up at The Comfie Cat Shelter with her sister Rochelle, however 'Trunks', had a severely mangled tail and was sent to the veterinary clinic. It when then, where her person (the vet tech) first laid eyes on and fell in love with how sweet she was; "Trunks has to head butt you to say hello!" She was then adopted and went to her new home during her recovery. "Unfortunately little Trunks stopped eating and was depressed without her sister, we were scared we were going to loose her. We decided bring Dew Drop home to help Trunks recover and there was an immediate difference. As soon as she saw her sister, she began eating and acting herself, we were so relieved. The girls were inseparable, and Dew Drop quickly stole our hearts with her playful demeanour so we decided to official adopt her as well. Both girls have grown into beautiful cats that we love dearly and can’t imagine our family without."

- Kirsten S.


From Being Over-looked to Bringing Her Person So Much Joy... The Story of Kindle

Kindle came to The Comfie Cat Shelter from a barn near Coldwater, she wasn't well and was pregnant at the time. She was missing part of her pinky toe, the vets thought she may have been stepped on by a large animal, and she had a pulled tendon that never healed right so she has a limp.

I met Kindle when I came back to Orillia for the school year in 2015. I began volunteering at The Comfie Cat Shelter and during that time Kindle was always there to greet me in the morning with some headbutts and followed me from room to room as I cleaned the shelter. She was sadly at the shelter for 8 months with no one interested in adopting her. I fell in love with her. In 2016 I graduated from university and my parents told me I could adopt her for my graduation present and we have been inseparable ever since.

She loves to spend her days lounging in the sun with me. Or, she sits on the side of the bathtub when I take a long bath. She has another cat sister and dog brother who she gets along with very well. And when I have one of my chronic migraine days she cuddles and supports me. She brings joy into every day and I'm so happy to have found her.

- Jamie J.


Hailee - Life Saving Procedures and Never Once Giving Up

Hail came into The Comfie Cat Shelter in June of 2021, at 7 weeks old, as a stray with her siblings. As Hail grew and became older, she didn't seem to thrive as well as her siblings did. She had problems gaining weight, and had an almost constant upper respiratory infection. Comfie sent this wonderful little girl for multiple trips to the Aurora Animal Clinic, and with many rounds of antibiotics, Hail seemed to perk up a little bit. Her siblings had all found homes at this point, but we were unsure if she would continue to be healthy enough to find her home, but we never once gave up hope, it's just not something we ever do at The Comfie Cat Shelter.

In December of 2021 Hail developed a prolapsed rectum due to a recent bout of diarrhea. When she arrived at the Aurora Animal Clinic again, they decided it would be best to try a purse string procedure, where they suture the rectum in place within the colon from the outside. 

Unfortunately, this was the beginning of all of the problems Hail would experience with her rectum and diarrhea. For 3 months the staff at the Aurora Animal Clinic worked tirelessly to figure out what was causing Hail her prolapse, and why after multiple purse string surgeries, it was not successfully staying where it belonged. During her almost 3 month stay in hospital, Hail met a very special person named Sarah, an RVT at Aurora, who not only fell in love with her, but also could look past all of her current medical issues, and wanted to try everything to be able to provide Hail with the best, and most comfortable life possible.

It was a special gift for everyone involved when at Christmas, Hail went home with Sarah, and experienced a life full of love, cuddles, kisses from little boys, and met her new fur sisters (who as far as dogs go, aren't so bad). 

After consulting another Veterinarian in Barrie, it was decided that Hail would undergo a procedure called a colopexy. This procedure was done under the amazing care of Dr Aryes, who secured hail's colon where it belonged, from the inside of her abdomen. During her long recovery Hail tried many diets, supplements, and medications to try and resolve her diarrhea, and heal her colon after the colopexy. 

Now at 4 months post surgery, Hail - now Hailee, is living her best life with Sarah, and is now diarrhea free, and Sarah can report the surgery was a huge success. 

Emily - Turns Out She Just Needed A Buddy

Our super affectionate, sweet and uber social kitty Emily had been at the shelter for two years. She had been adopted on trial three times but returned to us because she was hiding. None of us could figure out why such a loving young kitty wasn't working out in other homes. This spring (2022), an adoption application came through for Emily, the home already had another cat so we figured perhaps Emily wanted another kitty around so we sent her once again on a trial basis. 

Thankfully, that was just the ticket... Emily has bonded beautifully with her new kitty sibling and loves her new dad, she even has an outdoor catio to enjoy. Emily has finally found her forever home and we couldn't be happier for her.

Goes to show, sometimes it takes a tries to find just the right fit.

Sparkles - From Queen Grumpy to Queen of Her New Home

Here is a little tale of a cat named 'Sparkles', a beautiful black and white short hair female cat with gorgeous green eyes and THE spiciest attitude at The Comfie Cat Shelter. She loved to bask in the sun of her room, never wanting to wonder around, just content to lounge in her bed and watch all the comings and goings of the shelter. Sparkles had been surrendered from her original owner at the age of 4, back in 2016, and fostered by a college student who couldn't bare to see this beauty in the shelter system any more. After a year in foster, the student sadly could no longer care for Sparkles, so she was returned to CCS.

At the shelter, we were happy to see those alluring green eyes, but worried that Sparkles may never get a chance of a real loving home of her own due to her peppery demeanour. One day we received an application for Sparkles and discussed her tendency of not being very social to the potential adopters, we thought for sure they might change their mind. Amazingly, the adopter did not hesitate to take Sparkles home on trial believing that all Sparkles needed was a real chance and lot of patience and love. It worked beautifully!

"Well! Here we are, past the one-month-mark, and Sparkles is doing so well! We are now able to pet her, scratch her head, fondle her ears, and occasionally, rub her belly! She has discovered that she loves the treats we bought for her.....stands on her hind legs and almost begs when she sees the cute!!...and today I caught her licking the carpet when they were all gone! She sleeps with me, maybe because my bed is lower than my partner's, and is easier to jump on and off, but I love when I wake up and she is tucked along side, sound asleep! We are so very glad that we once again have a furbaby and that she is happy with us!


- Mary"

The Transformation of Binky

At the shelter, we know it can take time for a cat to decompress in new surroundings, however, a lot of people expect to adopt a cat/kitten and have an instant gratification of seeing their new pet thriving and happy in their new home. It can take days, weeks and some times even years for an animal to fully relax with a change of environment.

We thoroughly appreciate the adopters who give their new furry companion the time, understanding and love that their cat deserves in order to be their very best self.

We recently received this lovely letter from a CCS adopter who adopted Vlad (now Binky) and we wanted to share Binky's progress.


I want to thank you after adopting Binky ( Vlad) in July 2019.  This little guy is my baby, he’s affectionate on his own time and always comes when I call him.  He has brought much joy to our home, likes to play with ping pong balls (he actually hits them back to me - occasionally), plastic springs and other cat toys. He has visits with his “cousin” (my sister’s cat) and they play together from time to time. 


I remember being told that someone else tried taking Binky before me and returned him because he wasn’t friendly. That person didn’t give it enough time.  It took 1-1/2 years for him to really relax and we are happy to see a well adjusted, happy cat.   He doesn’t warm to strangers and probably never will, he’ll always be a little nervous but that’s ok. 

I just wanted you to know that he’s safe and happy. 

Once again, thank you!


- Susan"

River's Story

Imagine being a 5 year old cat, living with a family, your owner thinks you might be blind and decides to give you up. To your surprise you end up in a noisy place, there are a lot of different smells and you can sense there are a lot of other kitties there too, BUT you are loved by all these new people, some call you by your name 'River', while others call you "Handsome Boy" and "Riverboat". Though you enjoy all the new love, you are still bewildered how you ended up here, you are scared, trying to learn all the new surroundings, which is especially difficult with major vision impairment, but you make a feline friend that sticks by your side, oh, yes, a buddy! You are in this place for months, people come in and other cats leave and yet, you are still here wondering why no one is coming for you, until.... one day, a bunch of people come into my room and start fussing over me, it's fabulous! There is this gentle fellow that pets me and I immediately love him, he is kind and gentle and he takes me home with him. It has been a very exciting time, he is very patient and nurturing with me and allows me to explore and teaches me how to play, and I absolutely LOVE it all! My entire demeanor has changed, I have gone from gloomy and worried, to extremely happy and VERY confident.

This has been a rollercoaster journey and I am blessed to have found my forever home with my best human companion ever!

- River (formerly of The Comfie Cat Shelter)

A look at some of our Happily Adopted Felines of 2021

A Tale of Love, Patience and Time

Ebony was one of the shelter's long term residents. When he first came to us he was a friendly and sweet young cat, but as time went on he withdrew into the shadows, hiding from most human contact and becoming extremely shy. His favourite place to be was under our kitchen sink, and was most typically seen when we were closing the shelter for the evening.

Enter Ebony's adoptive family. We did warn them of Ebony's shy nature and encouraged them to simply take him on trial, but we were assured right from the word go that, "There is no trial, this is his forever home."

Through regular updates we have watched Ebony coming out of his shell. The above video was taken three weeks after his adoption, and look at how far he'd come already.

Love, patience and time can turn even the biggest scaredy cat into a lovebug; Ebony is living proof of that.

Gallery of Happy Tail Adopted Felines 2020

Finding Their Furever Home

Sometimes it takes a little time to see if a new home is a good fit for kitty, humans, and any other pets. To help make sure that everyone will be happy together, the shelter will allow a cat to be adopted "on trial." This is usually a week or two to allow kitties and families see if everyone will be happy in the new arrangement before finalising the adoption. Below are the pictures of those kitties we currently have out exploring the great wide world.

Please note: these cats are not available to adopt.

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