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Congratulations On Adopting A New Furry Friend

Set up for adoption success with these three simple Ps.

The staggering 50% of newly adopted cats are surrendered because of the lack of planning and expectations on the part of the adopter. Cats make fantastic pets when you learn about their unique behaviours and needs.


Critically important when you bring your new cat home.


The goal is to ensure that your new kitten/cat, as well as any existing cats, have their needs met.


Making sure you have the supplies you'll need for your new furry friend.

It doesn't happen overnight!

Often when adopters bring home their new furry friend, there is a misconception that the newbie will automatically fit in to it's new environment. Whether there are existing pets in the home, or the new kitten/cat is the only pet in the home, every pet adjusts different. The 3/3/3 rule is a great guideline for the adjustment period of a pet after adoption. Please remember patience and allow your new pet time to settle in.

3 Days - To Decompress

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • May feel scared or unsure of what's going on

  • Not yet comfortable to be 'himself"

  • May not want to eat/drink

  • Shuts down and/or hides under furniture

  • Tests boundaries

3 Weeks - To Learn Your Routine

  • Starts settling in

  • Feels more comfortable

  • Realizes this cold be his forever home

  • Figures out his environment

  • Gets into a routine

  • Lets his guard down; beginning to show his true personality

  • Behaviour issues 'may' appear

3 Months - To Start To Feel At Home

  • Finally feels completely comfortable in his home

  • Begins to build trust and a true bond

  • Gains a complete sense of security with his new family

  • Sets into a routine

How to introduce your new kitten to your family cat, cats, dog, dogs or children.

It is so important to prepare your home for the homecoming of a new kitten. Your existing pets must be your first priority when adding a new addition. Remember, patience is of the utmost importance. We are including some excellent articles (below) to read beforehand to prepare everyone involved.

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Bringing home a new cat or kitten.

You have decided to add a kitten/cat to your home. It is very important to plan ahead. Some great suggestions are offered in the following articles below.

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