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Animal Care Worker

Job Overview


An animal care worker will provide compassionate care to the cats by keeping their environment clean. Bedding, floors, walls, feeding stations and litter boxes must be cleaned regularly to ensure the cats’ health and comfort. 


An animal care worker will assist in caring for the cats by cleaning up after them, feeding them, grooming, and socializing them. The shelter is the cats’ home and so it must be kept as clean and comfortable as possible.


Responsibilities and Duties


  • Clipping claws

  • Checking for fleas and administering treatment as needed

  • Cleaning observation and infirmary rooms, cages, litter boxes

  • Feeding

  • Grooming (brushing or shaving as required)

  • Socializing

  • Answering phones and taking messages as required

  • Assisting with paperwork and filing as required




  • Experience with small animals, cats in particular

  • Experience working at an animal shelter or similar organization

  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team as required

  • Good communication and people skills 

  • The ability to think and act quickly

  • Ability to multitask in a dynamic environment

  • Able to work weekends and evenings as required


Employment Period

Monday July 4, 2022 - Sunday August 28, 2022


$15.50 per hour




Every other weekend off, plus elected two days on week (not consecutive with regular weekend)

Please forward resume to

Applications close 5pm Monday June 6, 2022

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